Expert Pump Repairing & Servicing

What are your options

All Pumps Are Subject To Different Options When Servicing Or Pump Renewal. If You Are Interested In A Complete Renewal Or An Exchange Program We Can Assist You In Making Your Decision. We Always Recommend The Customer To Ship A Unit To Our Facility For A Full Report And Inspection, But If You Are Familiar With Your Unit We Can Offer You Different Options To Assist You In Making Your Decision.

Servicing & Pump Renewal

We offer different options when it comes to renewing your pumps. We always offer the customer the option to rebuild their existing components with our engineering department and full service support machine shop to meet OEM standards when it comes to rebuilding/renewing your pump unit. Full report and photograph to assist you in making the best decision when rebuilding/renewing your pump unit. One of the many ways we can be cost efficient and quick turnaround is by holding a consistent inventory of refurbished and new components in stock. If we don’t have your parts available or your unit is absolute we can reverse engineer or manufacture new with our large inventory of OEM prints. We are always about quality and no matter what program you choose we always pressure test every unit that is serviced by us. So that you the customer has the confidence that the unit will be performing at OEM capacity.

Pump Exchange Program

Our exclusive core exchange program allows you the customer the option to exchange your unit with our fully rebuilt unit with 36 month operational warranty from time of installation and still offer you a core allowance for your unit in exchange or give you the option to purchase one of fully rebuilt units with no exchange.

Upgraded Options for your Pump

Depending on your application we can offer mechanical and bearing Isolator seal upgrades on almost any type of unit. If you’re original unit has been fitted with a conventional rope seal attachment. Mechanical seal upgrades are one of the many ways that you can have your unit run more efficient depending on your application. If you are interested for information please contact our American Blower certified service department.