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    We have experience building and repairing blowersto meet the customers’ specifications for over 100 years.

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  • American Blower LLC

    36 Months Limited Warranty

    Depending on your unit in most cases we offer a 36 month operational warranty. Please contact our certified service technician for more information.

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Customer Service

Contact us anytime with questions about our Electrical Services.

High Rated Company

We strive to provide a good services that exeeds our customer esxpectations.

Highly Skilled Staff

Our Highly Skilled and Intelligent Staff are Eagerly Waiting to Serve You!



We have come a long way since our great grandfather started in the 1900s in the Industrial area, but still have kept the Morals and ethics together with the latest technology, equipment and Innovation that has been the pride of our family legacy.
Through the years original equipment manufacturers wanted to buy our innovation technology, but we have a family legacy to uphold. We take pride in what we represent as a company to our valued customers that has and will endure through many generations. Today we service many industries with total dedication to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations when it comes to repairing and servicing your equipment.

Pump and Blower Repair CERTIFIED RENEWAL

Since 1990

We are a dedicated team to ensure the highest quality of Pump and Blower renewal. We can offer anywhere from complete overhauls or a simple bearing change. Our full service machine shop assists our team to rebuild your units to original factory specification on a wide range of blowers. Our certified technicians are positioned to give you the best quality renewal, in some cases exceeding OEM rated life capacity by upgrading crucial components in your units. If you have a centrifugal blower, positive displacement and exhausters we can assist you to get your unit back in service.
Once your unit arrives at our facility a technician is assigned to your unit to determine your point of failure on your unit, a full report and inspection thru every component and photograph for our record keeping and future references has allowed us to be the leader in enhancing life in your unit and performance.



Aftermarket Parts

We are factory authorized to perform work and we use genuine OEM parts in our repairs.Contact us

Repair Services

We provide repair and services on all brands of positive displacement blowers, regenerative blowers, and vacuum pumps.Contact us

Parts and Accessories

We sells parts and accessories for all brands of  vacuum pumps, regenerative etc…Contact us

If you need industrial solution… We are available for you

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market

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