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Industrial air blowers, also termed as industrial fans or blower fans are electromechanical devices used to induce air or gas flow through ducts and electrical enclosures to create flow for exhaust, cooling, ventilating, and other purposes. Generally categorised as two types, (centrifugal blowers and positive displacement blowers).centrifugal blowers are most widely used because of their simple mechanism. Centrifugal blowers are available in single or multi-staged units. Mainly consisting of a number of blade orientations they are driven using electric motors through a belt and sheave arrangement or directly coupled to drive motors. Positive displacement blowers consist of multiple co-rotating shafts to move air in a controlled manner.

Used for industrial air exhausting, combustion air for burning, and industrial vacuum applicationsindustrial air blowers are also used in air handling units and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) units to incorporate air flow in industrial buildings and enclosed structures.

With the growing popularity in the food & beverages industry and pharmaceutical industry, industrial air blowers provide oil free operations and help in maintaining hygienic conditions thus they are expected to drive the market of industrial air blowers. As air blowers are used to convey air in both vacuum and pressured atmospheres, they are effective for use in the mining sector. The growth in the mining sector assists the lucrative growth of the industrial air blower market.

High maintenance costs and high operating costs can restrain the industrial air blower market growth with fewer alternatives for industrial air blower. Operational costs for operating air blowers are high as they consume high fuel consumption. With the growing industrialization in countries such as India and China, the demand for industrial air blowersis expected to increase.

The industrial blowers market is segmented by types and applications. The global Industrial Blowers Market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2021 and 2027. In 2021, the market was growing at a steady rate and with the rising adoption of strategies by key players, the market is expected to rise over the projected horizon.

Centrifugal industrial air blowers are the most widely used industrial air blowers across the globe. However, positive displacement blowers and helical screw blowers are also gaining high traction across different end-use applications in several end-use industries.Higher demand for centrifugal industrial air blowers across the globe, with increasing adoption of innovative industrial equipment to save time and human efforts have triggered the use of industrial air blowers on a regular basis, thus driving the growth of the global industrial air blowers market.

The industrial pump market has always experienced consistent growth across the globe, but the next decade could yield an even higher demand. With several end-use application segments, increased opportunities in different regions throughout the globe, and the growing demand for centrifugal industrial pumps will increase the demand of the industrial pumps. As economies turn their focus to offshore and onshore crude oil exploration activities, there will be an increased demand for application-specific pumps.Positive displacement industrial pumps, reciprocating industrial pumps and rotary industrial pumps are expected to experience significant growth over the next decade.

Some of the key players operating in the global industrial blowers market are Gardner Denver Inc., Hoffman &Lamson, SPX and others. While in pumps Nash, Gardner Denver, Hoffman &Lamson, Sutorbilt, and Roots among others contribute to the major share in the market.

American Blower LLC provide services for any brand or manufacturer of pumps. Our services range from standard inspections and repairs to complete overhauls. A repair or overhaul of a pump generally consists of an inspection and repair/modification. Some of the key players operating in the global industrial blowers market are Gardner Denver Inc., Hoffman &Lamson, SPX and others. While in pumps Nash, Gardner Denver, Hoffman &Lamson, Sutorbilt, and Roots among others contribute to the major share in the market.

We rebuild all types of pumps and blowers to bring its operation back to OEM specifications. The technicians have been factory trained in the process of vacuum pump repair. After the repair or remanufacturing process is complete, each item is system tested to ensure proper operation, OEM specification verification, and extended operation under load and also with stocks of spares to support older or obsolete equipment which OEM no longer supports. We use only OEM parts for repairs to ensure the highest quality of work and extend the life of your equipment. You can repair, rebuild, or exchange your pump with our replace program.

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